Musings: Week 8 and Post-IEM

I postponed this a bit too much. Spring Break OP.

I postponed this a bit too much.  Spring Break OP.

To start, IEM thoughts:

EU got exposed, Korea got embarrassed, Flash Wolves channeled the power of their previous team’s logo, a goddamn bear, to maul their way to the semis, and WE’s solo queue roster scrapped their way to the finals with Spirit’s help only to get KO’d by Lust Cena.


EU Day 1:

Gambit vs MYM

Thanks to Gambit being in the same form they were in at IEM, MYM is now likely to get out of the auto-relegation zone.  Giants on the other hand are most likely going to be stuck in that zone, rip in pepperonis.

EU Day 2: the day it all died

Elements vs Gambit

A game so exciting the stream died.

Pictured: Where were you when EU LCS was kill?


NA Day 1:

Coast vs Impulse

Coast’s matches don’t matter anymore, so for every match I’ll just use this:


Liquid vs Cloud 9

Liquid continues to play off with Piglet while C9 took some bipolar medication.


FreeSM vs Gravity

Keane the U R G O D.


CLG vs Dignitas

Zion’s mustache op, that alone probably matched Doublelift’s damage.


Winterfox vs Team 8

Fatman’s juices proved to be better than Karthus’ little black book.


NA Day 2:

Dignitas vs Gravity



While Zion lost his powers after shaving the stache, Link sobbed into his Hearthstone deck, alone in the land of missed skillshots.


Team 8 vs Clown 9

The baron giveth C9 the lead, and the baron taketh the lead away.


Impulse vs Winterfox

For once, saying that “Twitch is kill” doesn’t mean the stream is dead, just that Altec is dead.


Coast vs Liquid