Morgana stunlocks Nunu for 17 seconds in URF game mode

There's a reason the Fallen is often banned in this mode.

Some League of Legends champions are extremely fun to use in the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode since the shortened cooldowns let players spam abilities. It’s not as fun for the enemies, who, as a result of the onslaught, are sometimes permanently stunned or slowed.

The case was similar for one of the Nunu & Willump player in a Reddit video. The Boy and his Yeti were stunned for 17 seconds by a Morgana player.

The clip begins like many other videos from the Ultra Rapid Fire mode in League. The Fallen player was pushing the second-tier tower in the bottom lane. After a few seconds, his efforts were interrupted by Nunu & Willump landing nearby after being launched by a champion cannon.

Still, the hero who came to the rescue wasn’t a big problem for the Morgana player, who just used his Dark Binding (Q) and Tormented Shadow (W) repeatedly. Thanks to the low cooldown of URF mode and items chosen by the Fallen, Nunu & Willump weren’t able to move at all for 17 seconds, which resulted in them quickly returning to the fountain.

Whenever you’re playing URF, try to ban champions that are able to lock you in one place again and again. Otherwise, you risk ending up in the same situation as the Nunu & Willump player from the clip.

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