A mobile version of League of Legends may have been leaked

Summoner's Rift could be coming to your phone.

Image via Riot Games

A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday shows Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends being played in full capacity on a mobile device, potentially leaking that a mobile version of the game is coming soon.

The video is titled in Chinese but reads “League of Legends mobile game test version film outflow” when translated into English. The video seemingly shows Summoner’s Rift with a majority of the same features as the PC version of the title, including graphics, abilities, and champions.

Fans may be disappointed to see that the team’s Nexus isn’t being protected by turrets, but there are towers in each lane like normal shown later in the video. This could be because the game is in early development and the Nexus turrets haven’t been introduced yet, however.

The graphical user interface contains a small circle trackpad to the left of the screen for movement while icons for champions’ abilities and basic attack buttons are on the right of the screen. The top left of the screen seemingly shows the full map including each lane. Underneath the map, it looks like players can see their gold. And the chat is underneath that. 

Riot hasn’t confirmed or officially announced the development of a League mobile game, however. But Reuters reported in May that Riot and Tencent have started to work on a mobile version of League.