Misfits open week 6 of 2021 LEC Summer Split with bounce-back win over Excel

Misfits bring themselves one step closer to securing a playoff berth.

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After running rampant through the LEC across the first half of the Summer Split, Misfits were knocked back down to Earth last week when they lost two consecutive games to close out the weekend and dropped into a tie for third place. 

But today, a much-needed turnaround victory against eighth-place Excel was exactly what the team needed to get back on track. With a victory in today’s game, Misfits have tied both Fnatic and Rogue at eight wins on the split. Should both of those teams lose later today, Misfits could climb back into a tie at the top of the league. 

Strong performances today from Misfits’ solo laners, Vetheo and Hirit, allowed the League of Legends team to mount a lead in the mid game that kept them in contention throughout the contest. Although Excel had made a genuine attempt at a comeback—one that even resulted in an Excel gold lead—it wasn’t enough to stave off the resilience of Misfits. By the 35-minute mark, Misfits were knocking on the door of Excel’s base. And just four minutes later, the Nexus had been destroyed. 

Vetheo, in particular, played incredibly well during today’s match on Zoe. He posted a scoreline of 6/0/6 on the day, good enough for a single-game KDA of 12.0. His presence through poking capabilities around neutral objectives turned him into a genuine force throughout the later stages of the contest. Vetheo and Misfits limited Excel to only one neutral objective past the 16-minute mark. 

Excel have now lost three games in a row and are quickly fading from LEC postseason contention. Two weeks ago, Excel managed to put together an inspiring 2-0 weekend against G2 and Vitality. But since that point, the team has struggled to garner any momentum in the LEC playoff race. Right now, Excel sit in eighth place, just one and half games away from falling into dead last. The organization has never qualified for the LEC playoffs in its history.

Should Schalke 04 and SK Gaming pick up wins this weekend, Excel could easily continue to slide down the standings. Tomorrow, Misfits and Excel will play both of those teams in respective matchups to close out the week, with Misfits taking on Schalke and Excel facing off against SK.

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