Misfits end Flash Wolves’ hopes of advancing at Worlds

Goodbye, Flash Wolves.

Photo via Riot Games

This 2017 Worlds story is brought to you by Predator.

Misfits came back from a major deficit and took down Flash Wolves to start day seven of the League of Legends World Championship.

For Flash Wolves, this match was do or die. After not winning a single game during week one of the World Championship, Flash Wolves were one loss away from elimination. Pitted against Misfits, the team which almost perfect-gamed them last week, Flash Wolves’ future seemed bleak.

But after a botched early teamfight by Misfits, Flash Wolves looked like they could finally find their first World Championship victory. Flash Wolves, with the late game composition of Ryze and Tristana, had overcome those two champion’s hardest part of the gamethe laning phase.

Flash Wolves kept complete map pressure for almost the entirety of the mid game. Through solid macro play, and a few clever picks, Flash Wolves accumulated a 7,000 gold lead, with three Infernal Drake buffs. Flash Wolves had this game won.

Sadly though, Flash Wolves disrespected Misfits’ fast Baron clear, and thus lost the buff to a sneak by the European team. Shrouded by the Baron buff, Misfits made a meteoric comeback to win their third game at the World Championship.

With today’s loss to Misfits, Flash Wolves are officially knocked out of the World Championship. Flash Wolves will play Group D’s spoiler in their final two games of this tournament.