Everything you need to know about League’s Mid-Season Trials

The house competition starts now.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The Mid-Season Trials are upon us, and it’s time to fight for your house. After a week of introductory missions, Riot Games has finally turned players loose, releasing a new set of Trial missions where League of Legends fans can complete objectives to earn points for their house and additional rewards for themselves.

Last week, Riot introduced the four houses: The Council, the United, the Faceless, and the Warband. In case you missed week one, you can still join a house through the game’s client. If you’re still unsure which house you belong in, you can take a quick sorting quiz on the game’s client that will recommend a house most fitting to your personality.

How to earn house points

With today’s release of the new week of missions, players can now earn points for their respective houses by completing missions. Only missions that feature a house icon count toward a house’s point progress, so bonus missions from the Trials Pass won’t grant any additional points.

Starting on May 13, Riot will release weekly updates to see how many points each house has accumulated and how they compare to the other three houses. Awarded points will increase every week to allow for the chance of a comeback.

Additional player rewards

By completing a set number of missions, players can unlock additional rewards for themselves. At five missions, players will unlock a house emote, and at 12 missions, players will receive a house finisher. Once players have completed 20 missions, they’ll get a spawn ceremony. Additionally, earning 250,000 gold and scoring 350 takedowns will grant players a free MSI 2019 Orb, which contains at least one random skin shard with the chance to contain a gemstone, gemstone skin, or esports skin permanent.  

The full list of missions and their rewards can be found on Riot’s official event page.

Players will have until midnight on June 2 to complete any remaining missions. Once the event has wrapped up, members of the winning house will receive a golden house emote, an in-game finisher animation, and a special icon.