MYM fires Rotterdam, apologizes for ‘#BigSorry’ fiasco

Meet Your Makers has fired the manager who threatened a player with taking his mother's house in what has become known as the “#BigSorry” fiasco

Meet Your Makers has fired the manager who threatened a player with taking his mother’s house in what has become known as the “#BigSorry” fiasco.

When League of Legends player Marcin “Kori” Wolski decided to leave the team due in part to unpaid payments during his time at Supa Hot Crew, Meet Your Makers manager Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam threatened the player to try and keep him on the team.

A report by the Daily Dot, containing the phone call in which Rotterdam bullied the player, included what’s quickly become an iconic response from Rotterdam: “Big Sorry!” That’s how the manager ended his statement on the whole affair, spawning an instant meme around an incident that shocked the community.

Today, Meet Your Makers responded by ousting Rotterdam and issuing an apology for the situation.

The organization claims that CEO Khaled Naim had no knowledge of the “incident,” likely referring to the specific phone conversation Rotterdam had with Wolski. Esports manager Damir “NestlieK” Dedic was present in the room at the time of the conversation in question, but the organization has decided to retain Dedic after discussing it with the players. Dedic, apparently, also felt threatened by Rotterdam, who told Wolski that the team and management could lose their jobs if Wolski left.

Meet Your Makers is also taking steps to increase oversight over their player management. They will now host regular one-on-one meetings with players and a “neutral third party” to “proactively” deal with similar problems. They’ll also be holding similar sessions with management, and making sure the CEO is kept in the loop regarding roster changes.

Wolski returned to Meet Your Makers last week when it appeared his options to play for any other teams were limited while still under contract. But the situation isn’t permanent. The team and Wolski are planning his next move, and the team’s made it clear that Wolski will make his own unedited statement about the situation when the time is right.

Naim himself, who seemed to cryptically threaten Wolski during a Skype conversation when the player was returning to the team, offered an apology of his own.

“As the CEO of MYM, I can only say that I truly apologize for my own choice of words in my communication,” Naim said. “I would also like to extend a sincere apology to Richard Lewis and his team at Daily Dot—in the future we want to be part of the solution not cause issues for those doing great work for the community.”

The team also acknowledges that Riot Games is looking in to the situation and that they will acquiesce to whatever punishment the game’s developer deems necessary.

The statement does not address the issue of unpaid wages to the team from during their time at Supa Hot Crew, which was owned by AK3 Gmbh—an organization that shares many top staffers with Meet Your Makers.

Image via Riot Games/Flickr