Meet the Little Legends of Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics game mode

These avatars will represent you in Riot's new League of Legends themed autobattler.

Image via Riot Games

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A day ago, Riot revealed it was bringing a new game mode to League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics. It’s an autobattler mode similar to the widely successful Dota 2 game type, Autochess.

Riot also showed off cute little creatures called Little Legends, which are going to be the player’s avatar in Teamfight Tactics. Players will eventually unlock one for free as they play more games of TFT, but these creatures are also going to be on sale in the store for 750 RP each.

We now know the names of each of these Little Legends, as well as a bit of backstory behind the characters. For example, Hauntling is a tiny ghost avatar who’s “the spookiest of the Little Legends.” Silverwing is a young Demacian Silverwing Raptor, Furyhorn is a horned beast with a temper, and Runespirit is a magical rock that is both “mysterious and mischievous.”

Molediver doesn’t have a description yet, but looks like a curious creature with a knack for digging. Finally, Featherknight is a penguin-looking creature wielding a wooden sword and a ton of courage.

These Little Legends can also be bought with skins via Rare Little Legends eggs. These eggs will cost 490 RP, and will hatch a unique variant of a Little Legend that allows the avatar to “level up” and gain new special effects with every level.