Malphite player adjusts his ultimate trajectory twice in ARAM game

His opponents had no idea what was coming for them.

League of Legends is no stranger to bugs and exploits–and even a living stone creature can be home to several bugs.

A Lillia player shared a clip where the opposing Malphite player changed the trajectory of his ultimate twice, before reaching the Lillia player and killing them in the process.

This change of trajectory should be theoretically impossible. Various bugs or exploits have appeared in League before, where players on certain champions could stop or adjust the direction of abilities that shouldn’t be able to change course on a whim.

One of the most famous examples was Sion, with whom League players could change the direction of his ultimate. This became public knowledge to the community once popular YouTuber Vandiril posted a video about it.

It’s unclear if this is a one-off, accidental bug, or if there is a new exploit in the game that allows players to change the trajectory of abilities like Malphite’s ultimate.

Riot has banned players who used such exploits before. If this becomes more public and more players breaking the rules are seen, Riot is most likely going to take action to stop these players from ruining the experience of other League players.

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