MAD Lion’s Humanoid says that he’s frightened of DWG KIA, who currently look unbeatable

The recently-crowned LEC champion believes that DK will be the hardest matchup for the MAD Lions at the MSI.

Photo via Riot Games

MAD Lions had just finished a difficult 3-2 series against Rogue and qualified for the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational–but its players are already looking ahead to fiercer competition ahead.

Humanoid shared his fears about DWG KIA, who crushed their region and won their second LCK title in a recent interview with

“DWG looks like a team that is unbeatable as of now,” said the 21-year-old. “It is just smurfing on everyone.”

Putting the two respective split champions side by side, Humanoid’s fears isn’t unfounded. MAD Lions (10-8) had a decent split with variable performances, but DK(16-2) destroyed their opposition thoroughly, losing only two matches over the split. Through the LCK playoffs, DK swept their opponents with two clean 3-0 sweeps. Meanwhile, MAD Lions had two 3-1 series and a close 3-2 series.

While this could signal that the competition between LEC squads is tighter compared to the LCK, few deny the fact that DK looks to be on another level entirely. DK’s Khan has been especially breathtaking, adjusting his playstyle and looking like of one of the world’s most consistent top laners.

While MAD Lions won’t have to face DK during the group stages of MSI, hey will need to face them during the Rumble stage where the top two teams from each group play against each other.

This will be yet another test for the MAD Lion’s already-successful split. League fans will look to see if LEC has a new era of dominance ahead, with new teams emerging on the international stage.

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