Lucian, Yasuo, and more are set to receive nerfs in Patch 9.4

Everyone rejoice, Yasuo nerfs have come!

Image via Riot Games

Patch 9.4 has arrived, and with it comes a slew of nerfs to some of League of Legends’ current top dogs.

Everyone’s favorite top laner Urgot will be receiving another set of nerfs, with his corrosive charge’s cost being raised to 80 mana from 60. The cost of Urgot’s purge ability will also be raised, with the shield losing health in the first three ranks.

After suddenly becoming a prominent pick in competitive play across the major regions, League of Legends’ newest champion Sylas has earned himself some nerfs. Sylas’ Chain Lash and Kingslayer abilities have had their numbers lowered in Patch 9.4. Chain Lash’s detonation radius has been reduced against enemy champions, while Kingslayer’s base healing has been lowered in all but its first rank.

Everybody’s favorite bot lane couple in Lucian and Thresh have both earned nerfs for themselves after rising to the top of their respective positions. Lucian’s Ardent Blaze ability cost has been raised to 70 mana from 50 and had its base damage reduced at every rank. This nerf may end the Doran’s Ring and Ardent Blaze start many professional players have been using whenever they get their hands on Lucian.

Thresh’s Death Sentence cost has also been raised to 70 mana instead of 60, and will now also have a longer cooldown in all but its last rank. This change came as Riot thought that, after the buffs he received last year, Thresh had become “too oppressive in lane.”    

Sorry Henrik “Froggen” Hansen, Karthus may lose some potency in the LCS after the damage nerf to his Lay Waste ability in Patch 9.4. Lay Waste’s base damage, and base damage on a single target have been reduced at all ranks.

And finally, something the entire League of Legends community can get behind—nerfs to Yasuo. In response to the buffs to crit items like Infinity Edge in the last patch, Riot has lowered Yasuo’s base attack damage by three points and lowered his Steel Tempest’s critical strike to 60 percent.

Patch 9.4 is set to release on Feb. 21.