LS once told Faker that Soraka is broken and ‘his eyes lit up and he smiled’

LS shared a funny anecdote from his time at T1 during Doublelift's stream.

Image via Riot Games

During the first episode of Doublelift’s new Trash Talk podcast, which featured Cloud9’s LCS head coach LS and LEC on-air talent Caedrel, LS revealed how T1’s Faker reacted when he previously told him Soraka is broken.

The C9 head coach said that back when he was a part of T1, LS told Faker during a VOD review session that Soraka was broken. Immediately after, LS said Faker’s “eyes lit up and he smiled, and he turned to Teddy and was like ‘I told you.'” LS also revealed during the stream that C9’s new AD carry Berserker often talks with the T1 players about their weird picks in scrims.

LS is known for his unorthodox drafts and builds for League of Legends champions. That was on full display this past weekend when he made his coaching debut for C9 with the start of the 2022 LCS Spring Split.

In C9’s first game of the Spring Split against Golden Guardians, the team won using a Sona-Ivern comp in which Fudge piloted the Ivern in the mid lane. C9 then beat Evil Geniuses yesterday in a game that featured Fudge on another supportive mid laner, Soraka.

LCS and C9 fans will get to see what kind of unique strategies LS has planned for the squad next when the team returns to action on Saturday, Feb. 12 against Team Liquid.