LPL to reportedly reduce available championship points in 2020 Spring Split

The winning team will take home 60 points instead of the usual 90, according to a leak.

Photo via Riot Games

China’s League of Legends Pro League, which is on hold until March 9 due to the continuous threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus), has reportedly opted to decrease the number of circuit points that will be available in the Spring Split playoffs.

The leaked information comes from an LPL insider account, according to a translation by well-known LPL journalist Ran. The winning team this split will receive 60 points, down from 90 last year. The fifth and sixth place will still earn 10 points each, the same as last year’s Spring Split. Currently, there are no other major format changes, with the winning team also qualifying for the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational and the top four qualifying for Rift Rivals.

The format change will likely be announced soon and seeks to combat the impact the virus has had on the competitive integrity of the league. Because teams have been unable to play on stage or practice to their fullest capability, the LPL has seemingly decided that this split should be weighted accordingly—as less important.

The LPL will resume on March 9 after a long month of delays. All matches will be played online, from each team’s headquarters, and will continue to be streamed live.