League champion and skin sales: June 9 to 12

Unleash the monsters.

Image via Riot Games

New League of Legends champions and skins go on sale tomorrow for the next three days.

The demons of Valoran are out in full force with Xerath, DR. Mundo, and Hecarim frightening their foes on Summoner’s Rift.

Skin sales occur every three days, offering players an incentive to complete their champion pool or buy a skin they have been debating for some time but never wanted to pay full price for. All sale items are purchasable through the in-game shop.

Here are all of this week’s champion and skin sales.


Battlecast Xerath – 260 RP

Got tired of seeing same old blue Xerath? Battlecast might be able to provide you with a new red outlook on life!

Blade Mistress Morgana – 375 RP

How many blades is too many? I guess it doesn’t matter how many sharp objects you have as long as you put them all to good use.

Asylum Shaco – 487 RP

“It doesn’t matter how crazy you are so long as you can escape the asylum.” Yeah, we have got a real joker in the making here.

Dreadknight Nasus – 487 RP

Beware of things that go bump in the night.


DR. Mundo – 292 RP

The Madman of Zaun will chase you to the ends of the earth.

Katarina – 395 RP

A master of assassination. Katarina isn’t afraid to get her blades dirty against the forces of Demacia.

Hecarim – 440 RP

Ride into battle and strike down your foes with unrelenting force. Show no mercy.

Ekko – 487 RP

Falling behind? Reset the fight!