League player with all skins unlocked shows what happens when you reroll skin shards after a new skin line is released

Investing in skins now could make the future easier.

Image via Riot Games

Champion skins in League of Legends are one of the many ways that Riot Games keeps players coming back to the game. Between one-off skin lines and established thematics, these cosmetics have grown in number exponentially within 11 years, now sitting at over 1,000 different options across League’s many champions. A small number of players have immersed themselves in these skins so much that they continue to purchase every new skin available, resulting in complete collections that grow every few weeks.

Reddit user u/IngarOW is one of these select few players. Yet this player found a way to beat the system, taking away the need to purchase new skins with real money.

Thanks to their collection of skin shards, it’ll be a while before they have to go into League’s shop and purchase new skins again. With just one reroll, they secured the new Coven Evelynn Legendary skin. And with a few more, they had all of the new additions to the Coven line.

Rerolling is a feature in League that requires three skin shards, turning them into a single permanent unowned skin of any rarity. Skin shards are provided through events, Twitch Prime rewards, and Hextech Chests, meaning this unique method of guaranteeing new skins isn’t uncommon for players who have a robust collection. 

Purchasing all of the skins in League isn’t just an expensive feat, it’s also one that becomes more difficult as time goes on. The game possesses a multitude of Legacy skins that can only be purchased from the shop during limited durations or within Your Shop discounts. Once the event that features the Legacy skins ends, they’re put into the vault, only being accessible then through event reruns or the Hextech Crafting feature. Therefore, players like u/IgnarOW who strive for complete skin collections have to be on top of event durations at all times or be forced to succumb to the randomness of skin shards and skin rerolling.

While players certainly don’t need to have all of the skins in League, nor is such a feat readily available, players with complete collections like u/IngarOW show that the love for cosmetics is a driving force for players and helps Riot know what skins fans want for the future.

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