Major upsets in the LCS with Alliance and Cloud 9 topping the gold income charts

Major upsets this week see two new leaders of both regions

Major upsets this week see two new leaders of both regions. In America, Cloud 9 has finally climbed back up to be tied for first with Team SoloMid. TSM, on the other hand, had a rocky week with only 1633 GPM (that’s 400 less than the previous week). Still, the top three in North America are still vastly outperforming their competition, and should have no problem heading into playoffs.

Meanwhile, over in Europe, you’ll notice some shocking changes from last week. Gambit, who have never been out of the top three this year, are now tied for fourth with ROCCAT, who have also never been out of the top three. Alliance, SK, and Fnatic have all trumped them, and for good reason—higher GPM. In fact, with over 1800 gold income and 75 percent objective control, Fnatic and Alliance are clearly on the rise and may end up as the number one and number two seeds going into playoffs. With six teams all within striking distance of first place, however, anything could happen.

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Other big notables abound. Shyvana, the semi-dragoness in the top lane, has replaced the scaly Renekton as a must-have champion, being picked in almost 70 percent of all last week’s games. However, perhaps the strongest argument for playstyle can come from comparing turret and dragon kills to win rate. With only 50 percent of teams that snag the first dragon ending up winning, while an average 69 percent of teams that take down the first turret end up taking the game, perhaps it’s time for teams to not care so much about that dragon gold, and all about pushing down that first turret—much like ROCCAT did against the Copenhagen Wolves in just 3 minutes and 48 seconds to give themselves an early lead that turned into an easy victory.

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