5 League of Legends champions that desperately need new skins

Not every champion is treated with the same love.

Image via Riot Games

Riot typically releases new champion skins every patch, but some champions get more love than others.

It’s to be expected. With 130 champions in League of Legends, some will be prioritized for new skins based on competitive play, their popularity, or if Riot feels the champions fit a particular skin theme, such as the popular Arcade or Star Guardian series.

This can sometimes lead to players and fans feeling like their favorite champion goes off the radar when new skins come calling. Some champions have not had new skins for years, such as Rumble, leaving players with little to choose from when they head into Summoner’s Rift.

Here’s a list that looks at the top five champions that are in desperate need of new skins. Let’s hope Riot gives these champions some love soon.

5) Evelynn

Last skin release: Safecracker, Nov. 28 2014

Total Skins: 4

Evelynn is on Riot’s to-do list at the moment, and is one of two pending champion reworks. Her current line of skins are bland.

Rumble has Super Galaxy, Olaf has Brolaf—what does Evelynn have that defines her and is a must-have skin? It’s been two years since Safecracker was released.

4) Viktor

Last skin release: Creator, October 1 2013

Total Skins: 3

Viktor is popular with pro players in the current meta. He lacks skin options, with all three of his current skins following a particular theme—robots, science, and machinery. There isn’t a skin that stands out as unique, something different for players to choose from.

3) Swain

Last skin release: Tyrant, May 23 2012

Skins: 3

Considering Swain has picked a few times recently in the LCS, it’s time Riot considers the master tactician for a future skin. It has been nearly five years since Swain got a new skin and fans are hoping these skins will not be his last.

2) Urgot

Last skin release: Battlecast, March 5 2012

Skins: 3

The Urgot update is mere months away now that Galio’s rework is out in the open, and two new champions have hit the Rift in the form of Rakan and Xayah. To cement Urgot’s rework, it would make a lot of sense for Riot to release a new skin for the champion to add to the hype.

1) Yorick

Last skin release: Pentakill, June 22 2011

Skins: 2

It has been a year since the Yorick rework, yet the champion is still without a new skin in five years. After countless hours of using Undertaker and Pentakill and seeing other champions get their third or fourth skin mere months after their release, it’s time for the shepherd to reap the benefits of his rework and be rewarded with something fresh.