League champion and skin sales: July 11 to 14

Time to support your team.

Image via Riot Games

New League of Legends champions and skins go on sale tomorrow for the next three days.

Supports are on offer this time around, with Zilean, Annie, and Lulu all leading the front line.

Skin sales occur every three days, offering players an incentive to complete their champion pool or buy a skin they have been debating for some time but never wanted to pay full price for. All sale items are purchasable through the in-game shop.

Here are all of this week’s champion and skin sales.


Earthrune Skarner – 260 RP

Nature always finds a way.

Blood Moon Shen – 375 RP

What secrets hide behind that crimson moon?

Frostfire Annie – 487 RP

Ice can be just as destructive as fire.

Dragon Trainer Lulu – 675 RP

Time to raise an army.


Zilean – 292 RP

Is it time to stop?

Miss Fortune – 395 RP

One of the best pseudo ADC/support champions around.

Malzahar – 440 RP

The Void waits for no one.

Quinn – 487 RP

“Let’s do this for Demacia—Valor!”