LNG maintain perfect season after defeating BLG in 3 games

Who can stop LNG?

LNG Worlds
Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

LNG Esports have continued their undefeated streak in the 202 LPL Spring Split after they reverse-swept top team Bilibili Gaming in a three-game League of Legends series.

Game one began with BLG finding a kill onto LNG mid laner Doinb before the five-minute mark, but LNG answered back when jungler Tarzan found a kill on top side. The game slowed down until the 12th minute, when a skirmish for top side control broke out. They battled evenly until a Super Mega Death Rocket from BLG AD carry Doggo swung the fight in favor of BLG and the team grabbed the top side advantage. BLG continued building a snowball on top, and the bot side naturally tipped towards them after a great laning phase from Doggo.

BLG continued to build this lead from skirmishes and scored a win before 30 minutes, in which Doggo carried the late-game team fights.

The next game saw a slight tempo shift towards the LNG side, where they grabbed an early lead and first tower gold after killing Doggo at 12 minutes. BLG found a pick onto LNG support LvMao at 18 minutes, which they traded back, a constant throughout the game. LNG were consistently ahead in these skirmishes and traded even on a good BLG engagement.

BLG maintained a close kill score between the two, but the LNG gold kept growing. BLG attempted one final engagement when LNG took Baron, which resulted in them killing the remaining BLG members and taking the series to a game three.

With an undefeated match record on the line, LNG went into the final game looking to be the aggressors, winning a skirmish around the mid lane. After that initial brawl, though, the game slowed down, and both teams battled for tempo and map pressure as the match transitioned into the mid-game.

It wasn’t until LNG found a pick onto BLG jungler Weiwei that their slow tempo advantage around the top side began to affect the outcome of the match. While BLG grabbed slight control of the bottom side when they took the outer turret, LNG took that dispute a step further. They snatched two turrets on the top side, extending their control further into BLG’s top side jungle right before the Baron spawn at 20 minutes. 

This forced BLG to enter a blind Baron pit. LNG won the ensuing teamfight because of their slight gold advantage and map position before they peeled back onto the Baron. They LNG wasted no time before following up on the Baron play, pushing through every lane and closing the series out with a strong 24-minute victory.

LNG will look to extend their win streak to seven games against Anyone’s Legend on Thursday, while BLG will attempt to stop a two-match losing streak when they play Invictus Gaming in week five.

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