Lillia spots Jarvan IV doing an early drake, kills both the enemy and the monster

A perfect gift for the opposing jungler.

Image via Riot Games

There are a few League of Legends champions that can single-handedly kill a dragon at level four. But Jarvan IV is likely not one of them.

One League player, named nilino, was recently enjoying a game of Lillia. In a clip from that game, the player is seen finishing a low-on-health dragon at level four, which was started by Jarvan IV, who, as you probably figured out by now, ended up dying to the monster.

Before the dragon had the chance to finish off the Exemplar of Demacia, he got a bit of help from Lillia, who spotted Jarvan and the dragon engaging in a fight. The Bashful Bloom sent a Swirlseed (E) into the dragon pit, which hit both the monster and the enemy player. Thus, she was gifted a Hextech Dragon and the buffs that come along with it, as well as a few hundred gold thanks to eliminating Jarvan IV.

Oftentimes, having such a boost that early is advantageous for the team that received it. In this case, however, this didn’t explicitly have to be this way since the scoreline in terms of elimination was already 7-5 in favor of Lillia’s team. All in all, one thing is certain—none of the teams were playing passively.

In the end, it looks like Lillia’s team stayed in the driver’s seat and won the game. It took a while, though, since it lasted for a bit more than 37 minutes overall, according to OP.GG. Nevertheless, if you ever think about pulling off a sneaky dragon in the fifth minute of the game, be sure to bring a lot of potions, your Smite, and try to be aware of the location of the enemy jungler if possible.