LEC 2022 Summer Split: Scores, standings, and schedule

A summer-time European collision is upon us.

Photo via Riot Games

The 2022 LEC Summer Split split is picking up right where the league left off after a surprising spring season in April. The reigning 2021 Summer Split champions and World Championship quarterfinalists MAD Lions fell off hard, finishing in seventh place with no Spring Playoffs and no points earned towards Worlds 2022. The Vitality “superteam” looked exceptionally shaky, finishing 9-9 in group play and narrowly taking fifth place.

Now the 10 teams will meet again in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, in another double round-robin stage that requires each team to play every team in two best-of-ones. But even teams like G2 Esports and Rogue leading in points can’t afford to get complacent; if they finish seventh-10th in summer, they lose all their Worlds points.

Here’s everything you need to keep up with the LEC’s Summer Split, including teams, standings, schedules, and results.

LEC 2022 Summer Split teams and rosters

Here are the 10 teams competing in LEC Summer 2022, including the official or presumed starting rosters. They are listed in order of their final placements in Spring 2022.

  • G2 Esports
    • BrokenBlade, Jankos, Caps, Flakked, Targamas
  • Rogue
    • Odoamne, Malrang, Larssen, Comp, Trymbi
  • Fnatic
    • Wunder, Razork, Humanoid, Upset, Hylissang
  • Misfits Gaming
    • Irrelevant, Shlatan, Vetheo, Neon, Mersa
  • Team Vitality
    • Alphari, Haru, Perkz, Carzzy, Labrov
  • Excel Esports
    • Finn, Markoon, Nukeduck, Patrik, Mikyx
  • MAD Lions
    • Armut, Elyoya, Nisqy, UNF0RGIVEN, Kaiser
  • SK Gaming
    • Jenax, Gilius, Sertuss, Jezu, Treatz
  • Team BDS
    • Agresivoo, Cinkrof, NUCLEARINT, xMatty, Erdote
  • Astralis
    • Vizicsacsi, Xerxe, Dajor, Kobbe, JeongHoon

LEC Summer 2022 Standings

Standings will be updated at the end of every match day.


LEC 2022 Summer Split schedule

All times are in CT and subject to change. Schedule for weeks three and onward are to be determined. Matches will be updated at the end of every match day.

Week One

June 17

  • 11am: MAD 1-0 Vitality
  • 12pm: SK 1-0 BDS
  • 1pm: XL 1-0 Misfits
  • 2pm: G2 1-0 Astralis
  • 3pm: Fnatic 1-0 Rogue

June 18

  • 10am: Astralis 1-0 BDS
  • 11am: MAD 1-0 SK
  • 12pm: Vitality 1-0 Misfits
  • 1pm: XL 1-0 Fnatic
  • 2pm: G2 1-0 Rogue

June 19

  • 10am: Astralis 1-0 Misfits
  • 11am: Vitality 1-0 BDS
  • 12pm: Fnatic 1-0 SK
  • 1pm: G2 1-0 XL
  • 2pm: Rogue 1-0 MAD

Week Two

June 24

  • 11am: SK vs. Astralis
  • 12pm: Vitality vs. XL
  • 1pm: Rogue vs. Misfits
  • 2pm: BDS vs. G2
  • 3pm: MAD vs. Fnatic

June 25

  • 10am: SK vs. Misfits
  • 11am: MAD vs. XL
  • 12pm: Rogue vs. Astralis
  • 1pm: BDS vs. Fnatic
  • 2pm: Vitality vs. G2