LeBlanc player pulls off impressive escape against 5 enemies

He evaded a dozen skill shots to get out alive.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, pentakills and other lethal plays aren’t the only ones worth highlighting. Sometimes, outwitting your opponents can be just as cinematic.

A Reddit video shows an impressive escape from a LeBlanc player, who came close to dying several times but still evaded going back to the fountain.

The video begins with LeBlanc stunned in the bottom side of the enemy jungle. The player seemed doomed at the beginning of the video, with four enemies closing in on them. They also got caught by Lux’s Light Binding (Q) while trying to make it to the middle lane. Luckily for them, the player had a Stopwatch ready, which they used to prolong their life.

When the invulnerability ended, LeBlanc flashed away from the traps set by Lux and Jinx and from the Poppy and Yasuo who were waiting to finish the champion. The Deceiver turned to the rivals’ bottom lane, only to change direction thanks to her Distortion (W). The player then finally made it to the middle lane, only to meet the enemy Tryndamere.

The retreat continued. LeBlanc once again needed to change her plans to evade the Barbarian King, juking Lux’s skill shots and Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket (R) in the meantime. While the champion tried to make it to her jungle, she was caught off-guard by Lucent Singularity (Lux’s E) and the Summon Aery passive. This left LeBlanc with one health bar left.

The player once again re-activated Distortion to trick their enemies. Later on, they used the blast cone to hide in the bush and tried to recall back to the base. Tryndamere didn’t give up on finding the champion, however, and hounded LeBlanc in the bush.

It was again time for running. LeBlanc used Distortion to run away to another bush, and the Barbarian King followed. When he lost sight of the champion, The Deceiver used it again to return to the previous bush and finally shake off the pursuers for good.

Not only did the LeBlanc player pull off an amazing escape, but they also bought the team some valuable time that may have helped them win the match.

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