League’s Ahri visual updates to be released ‘early next year’

The long-awaited updates to the visuals of the Nine-Tailed Fox are on the way.

Image via Riot Games

One of the most popular—and powerful—champions in League of Legends will soon be receiving massive updates to her model, animations, and the appearance of her abilities.

Riot Games announced earlier this year that Ahri was set to receive an art and sustainability update (ASU), though no information had been given to players since then. In today’s update video, Riot Reav3, lead producer of gameplay in League, revealed that the update is still coming but has been delayed a bit.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Reav3 showcased art of the final version of Ahri’s new base look, complete with new clothing, textures on her tails, and more. The video also gave fans a brief look at some of her new animations, including her idle stance, her run, and new particles on her W. But he noted that Ahri’s abundance of skins has forced the team to delay her ASU release until early next year.

Ahri was the recipient of a mid-scope update in the 2022 season alongside champions like Janna and Sivir, which aimed to make her playstyle more apparent rather than a mix of assassin/mage. Since then, Ahri has been a staple pick in solo queue and professional leagues around the world with her access to near-unlimited dashes on her ultimate and self-healing.

Though Reav3 did not specify if any other ASUs are currently in development, he did tease fans by mentioning that Neeko and Syndra may be receiving mid-scope updates akin to what Ahri received earlier this year. 

It is unclear when exactly Ahri’s ASU will be released since no concrete timeline was given in today’s update video. Fans can expect her update to be released in League at some point in early 2023.