League will celebrate Valentine’s Day with two more skins

Vi and Fiora will receive Heartbreakers skins.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends will celebrate all things love and Valentine’s Day next month with a pair of new skins, Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora.

These skins follow the Heartbreakers skin line that releases around Valentine’s Day every year. Other champions in the skin line include Annie, Sona, Xayah, and others. The skins depict an alternative universe where romance is the objective, not the enemy’s Nexus. In addition to the skins, seven chromas will be released as well. Each skin is purchasable for 1,350 RP.

This year’s skins look a little different compared to ones released previously. Both Vi and Fiora’s skins have a distinct medieval feeling to them. Fiora sports a red and purple quilted dress with gold trimming and white gloves. In the splash art, she is knighting Vi. The last skin that was released for Fiora was Soaring Sword Fiora which came out in September 2017.

Image via Riot Games

Vi is a little more heavily armored and wears red, gold, and purple. In Vi’s splash art, she kneels in front of Fiora. For the first time since January 2017, Vi will get a new skin. Her last skin was Warring Kingdoms Vi which currently sits in the legacy vault.

Riot Games has not given an exact release date for the skins as of yet. Most likely they will be out in a month, shortly before Valentine’s Day. For now, they are only accessible on the Public Beta Environment.