League players discover way to remove enemy golem from Nexus Blitz map using glitch

The ingenuity of some players is remarkable.

League of Legends players keep impressing everyone with their Sherlock Holmes skills.

In the latest released map for Nexus Blitz, multiple interactions have already been discovered. One of them relies on shutting down the enemy golem for the entire game using Blitzcrank’s Hook.

If a player goes into the cannon and hooks the golem inside it, the golem bugs out and doesn’t move or attack anyone for the rest of the game. League of Legends renowned bug-finder Vandiril posted this bug earlier in the week, including others as well in a four-minute video.

According to other players in the League of Legends subreddit, this bug can be replicated using other champions with displacement as well, including Syndra and Tahm Kench. Both Syndra and Tahm Kench can pick up the golem using abilities such as Devour or Force of Will before entering the cannon.

While some players focus on the fun aspect of the mode, others look into disrupting the game experience by using a variety of bugs or exploits.

Fans can expect Riot Games to implement a fix for bugs like this before they become widespread and present in every game.

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