League player uses minion-block to secure creative double kill while dead

Now you're thinking with minions.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player used the minion-block mechanic to secure a nifty double kill from beyond the grave.

In a clip posted to Reddit last night, a League player snagged two posthumous kills through the use of some clever mechanics surrounding minion-block. 

In League of Legends, minion-block is a mechanic that players encounter when they’re unable to navigate past minions. Usually, a champion will come into contact with several minions, as well as a piece of terrain, and ultimately no unit will be able to move until they’re interrupted by another mechanic. 

In this specific clip, a Fizz player was ganked by the opposing team’s jungler and used a wave of minions to think two steps ahead of their opponents. Since Fizz can move through units with his passive, Nimble Fighter, the Fizz player skirted through a full wave of minions before eventually accepting their fate and dying in the one-vs-two encounter under their tower. 

But the two assailants didn’t quite have the same tools to get past the minion wave. So when the blue team’s minions turned around to defend the Fizz, they created an impenetrable barrier alongside one of the walls of the top lane that prevented the Diana and Jarvan players from getting out of the tower’s range. Within moments, the turret took the lives of the opposing top laner and jungler, awarding the Fizz player with a double kill. 

In total, the top lane turret did most of the work for the Fizz. They only had to land one auto attack on Diana and one cast of Urchin Strike (Q) on Jarvan to earn credit for the takedowns. Beyond that, the valiant efforts of their minions were enough to secure two much-needed early-game kills.

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