League player uses just 8 auto attacks to complete 1-vs-4 Nexus defense

ADCs with abilities are overrated, anyways.

Image via Riot Games

Defending the Nexus is always going to be a task that comes with high amounts of pressure in any game of League of Legends. Defending it all by yourself against an entire enemy team is a task that’s near-impossible. But one League player took down four enemies all by themselves, saving their Nexus from what would have been a game-ending push. 

In a clip posted last night, a League player somehow managed to fend off four opponents pushing their base with Draven—and they only needed to land eight auto attacks to take down the four assailants.

Despite being bombarded by the enemy Zed’s Death Mark (R), a Blooming Burst (Q) from an enemy Neeko, as well as the fourth shot from Jhin’s Whisper (P), the Draven player cycled through the targets with ease, making quick work of the enemy team. What’s even more impressive about the situation is that the Draven player charged into the fight with just about 80 percent health and no summoner spells. The immense amount of lifesteal they were able to accrue through the fight came by way of a Bloodthirster and Immortal Shieldbow. 

The reason the Draven player’s auto attacks hit so hard in the clip was largely thanks to their 15 kills prior to the start of the fight, but also because of the Draven player’s ability to weave in and out of the fight, catching Spinning Axes (Q) and practically one-shotting the enemy team’s squishy carries. The precise ax-catching abilities reset the Draven player’s cooldown of Blood Rush (W), giving them several much-needed boosts to movement speed and attack speed.

The only champion that the Draven player wasn’t able to one-shot was the enemy team’s Mordekaiser, who took three auto attacks to finish off. And even though the Mordekaiser player dealt enough damage to bring the Draven to zero hit points, the Nexus defender respawned with a Guardian Angel, saving the game and keeping their team’s chances of a win intact.

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