League player shows off grotesque combination of Katarina and Gromp’s models

Pure nightmare fuel.

Image via Riot Games

Fiddlesticks is said to be the most horrific creature in League of Legends, known to terrorize unsuspecting victims with its wicked gaze and giant metal scythe. Yet in this short clip, another champion may have taken over that role of Runeterra’s scariest, all thanks to a bug with skin programs.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier in the week, user u/jupiterisflat showcased a strange interaction that occurred while playing as Katarina in the Practice Tool. They had combined two skin programs, one placing the PROJECT: Katarina skin on the champion and another turning them into the Gromp—and the result was more horrific than what anyone could have anticipated.

While Katarina did efficiently receive the effects of the first program and wear her PROJECT skin, the second program stretched her limbs immensely in an attempt to resemble the Gromp—though looking like anything but the jungle frog. This resulted in Katarina resembling a stick bug while hopping around the bottom lane, as u/jupiterisflat demonstrated some of Katarina’s abilities while maintaining this form.

Because the Gromp only has a handful of animations, all of Katarina’s abilities resulted in the model remaining stationary as whirls of blades circled her contorted body. The Gromp model couldn’t even catch up to Katarina’s constant movement with catching her daggers, so it simply teleported without any animations, adding to the nightmare already present with the look of this combination.

Luckily for players, this Katarina-Gromp fusion will likely never see the light of day in any actual patch of League, leaving this creature to haunt our nightmares solely through this Reddit clip, where it belongs.