League player shows off a Syndra trick to trap the Scuttle Crab on a Turret

The poor crab can't catch a break.

League of Legends players often show off creative tricks on the Summoner’s Rift, and a Reddit player showcased how to block the Scuttle Crab in the tower using Syndra. The strategy can be game-changing if used correctly during a solo queue or competitive match.

The main ability to allow for this tactic is Syndra’s Force of Will (W), which allows the player to pick up the Scuttle Crab and throw it wherever they please. Even though in the clip the player used the testing tool for this tactic to show the spot in which the Scuttle Crab needs to land, the tactic can be replicated in a real game with enough ability haste.

The cooldown of Force of Will is 12 seconds at level one, so trying to apply this tactic can be tricky in the early stages of a game. With enough ability haste, however, players can theoretically chain the ability to get the Scuttle Crab to the tower.

This tactic allows you to have guaranteed vision around the Baron or dragon area whenever you need it while also denying opponents the crucial gold and experience the crab gives. If the opposing jungler is a Kindred player and has been marked, you could deny Kindred from picking the mark up and getting stronger. Riot Games will likely patch this strategy out if it becomes more popular, though.

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