League player shares clip of Yone death bug, giving gold bounty to multiple players

Opponents had no idea the pile of gold they were going to find after that kill.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is notorious for having odd bugs in its game from time to time.

A League player shared a clip where he died twice on Yone, and his opponents claimed the 1,000–700 gold from the bounty and 300 gold–twice.

While it’s unclear what caused this bug, it can be potentially game-breaking if a Yone player gets fed and then his opponents get double shutdowns. This can quickly turn the tides of battle and give his opponents the spike they needed to come back into the match.

One suspected reason for this bug is Death’s Dance which Yone acquired. The item applied the damage-over-time debuff to Yone while he was in combat with his opponents, equal to 35 percent of post-mitigation damage he was taking. It’s suspected that while Rek’Sai landed the killing blow on Yone with her missile, Sett landed a second killing blow that was applied via the Death’s Dance passive, giving us this game-breaking bug. With such bugs in the past, Riot usually disabled champions but this time it’s unclear how they’ll treat the problem if the source is an item.

With no official confirmation from Riot regarding the existence of this bug, for now, all we can do is speculate and wait for a potential disable of the champion, or a hotfix to stop this bug from happening again.

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