League player secures true one-shot on enemy ADC with massive Sett play

"Bein' the boss is a lot better than not bein' the boss."

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, all it takes to secure a kill in League of Legends is just one ability. 

In a clip posted earlier today, a League player who was playing Sett found themselves outnumbered but still managed to eliminate the enemy AD carry from the map with just one swift punch. 

After securing a kill on the enemy jungler with The Show Stopper (R), the Sett player repositioned themselves in the extended teamfight, moving back toward their own base and preparing for a flank from the enemy bottom lane duo. Within moments, the enemy Nami player had fully buffed an opposing Kog’Maw and the Sett player found themselves in a two-vs-one scenario.

Soon after, several players from both teams arrived at the skirmish. But they could only watch in stunned awe as the Sett player unleashed a mighty Haymaker (W). 

After its short cast time, the ability connected with the enemy Kog’Maw at point-blank range, dealing a total of 1,958 damage and ripping right through any shields or bonus hit points gifted to them by their support. To make matters worse for the Kog’Maw player, the low-health Sett was protected from dying thanks to the massive shield that Haymaker grants.

Even the Kog’Maw player’s Icathian Surprise (P) wasn’t enough to kill the beefy Sett since the HP that the Boss received from earning a kill healed him back to nearly half health. 

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