League player replaces mouse and keyboard with pair of Joy-Cons

Let's hope drift didn't stop these plays.

Image via Riot Games

As if playing League of Legends with a mouse and keyboard isn’t hard enough at times, someone tried to see if the experience would be better or worse with Nintendo’s infamous Joy-Cons.

Reddit user u/KimimotoLP reconfigured a pair of Joy-Con controllers, normally used with the Nintendo Switch, to work with the control scheme of League. The clip he shared shows him successfully playing Warwick on the controllers, using its various joysticks and buttons for movement and abilities. Although the control scheme wasn’t optimal since he often accidentally used abilities and forgot the inputs for others, he showed that he could clear objectives and gank lanes the way any jungler would do in League.

To compensate for the lack of a mouse, which allows the user to aim and move around Summoner’s Rift, he used the Joy-Cons’ gyro controls to physically move the in-game pointer with real-life motion. Movement is incredibly important on a champion like Warwick since his ability to sniff out low-health opponents from afar is what gives him an edge on the Rift. Though the movement was obviously not seamless when having to worry about multiple button combinations simultaneously, the clip showed that using the gyro of the Joy-Cons in this way did end up working in his favor.

While using Joy-Cons to play League is less than ideal, this player showed that such a feat isn’t impossible, even going as far as to ensure that he could flash his mastery seven to show his confidence. 

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Ethan Garcia
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