League player pulls off epic comeback double kill playing Irelia

Things weren't going well but Irelia bought it back in style.

Irelia is undoubtedly one of the more powerful mid lane champions in League of Legends right now–and many players have proved it.

In one highlight clip, her power was on full display as she turns a fight from certain death into a double kill without issue. Irelia was busy beating away at the enemy’s tower when two opponents got the jump on her. Yasuo and Diana made their move together, pouncing onto Irelia to defend the tower.

As the fight ensued, it was looking bad for Irelia who lost 90 percent of her health within the first moments. However, thanks to her lifesteal, Vanguard’s Edge ability, and a combination of other abilities, Irelia quickly swung the fight in her favor.

This combination of moves was enough to exit the fight with adequate health and a pair of shiny new buffs to keep. Considering the score present at the top of the screen, it’s likely that Irelia had already scored herself a few kills previously to get quite the item advantage over her attackers.

It isn’t clear how this game went, though with the position the game was in, and another double kill just secured, it’s likely a fed Irelia either led the charge to win the game or drew out a /FF from the other team.

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