League player gets one-shot in mid-air during URF game

Nidalee spears will always hurt.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player was one-shot by a Javelin Toss (Q) from Nidalee during an URF game while still flying out of the game mode’s champion cannon. 

In a recent clip, a League player, who was playing Morgana during this particular URF game, launched themselves toward the top lane with the intention of defending their inhibitor turret from a pushing Nidalee. 

But the Nidalee player had other plans. While Morgana was still flying toward their destination, a Javelin Toss (Q) from Nidalee cut them down and instantly depleted their entire health bar. 

At the time of the one-shot, the Nidalee’s team had a gold advantage, while the Nidalee player themselves had a two-level lead on the Morgana player. Still, true one-shots where only one ability is needed to take down an enemy champion are rare—even in URF games. 

The Nidalee player was most likely aiming for Morgana’s teammate in this instance since an Orianna player positioned directly under the inhibitor tower. But the act of heroism on the part of the Morgana player is still commendable. 

If anything, this particular clip confirms that players’ hitboxes are positioned on a flat axis. Although the URF cannon makes it appear as though players are literally traveling through the air above Summoner’s Rift, this clip showcases the opposite. 

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