League player encounters hilarious bug that attaches Camille to ally’s back like she was Yuumi

Nexus Blitz just gets crazier and crazier.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like Camille’s biggest fear is letting go.

One League of Legends player ran into a bizarre glitch while playing Nexus Blitz, posting the occurrence last night. The bug led to a Camille being stuck to Thresh’s back for the whole match, reminiscent of Yuumi’s You and Me! ability.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the hilarious interaction. It started when Camille and Thresh took a ride on the Battle Sled together, crashing it into the enemy Cho’Gath and Miss Fortune. Immediately after the teammates exited the sled, they were hit by the opposing Cho’s Rupture (Q) and knocked up. This somehow fused both champion models together, forcing the allies closer together than either would’ve liked.

The Camille player was unable to detach from Thresh for the entire game. Dying or recalling didn’t fix it and using the Steel Shadow’s Hookshot (E) to pull toward a wall proved futile.

Despite being essentially a player down, the team was still able to snag a victory and put the bug behind them.

Since there’s no Battle Sled in Summoner’s Rift, the glitch is likely tied to Nexus Blitz only. But it can still put a team at an unfair advantage, even if it’s in the chaotic unranked game mode.

League fans interested in watching the entire Nexus Blitz match can view the video here.

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