League player discovers Urgot execute still works from inside Tahm Kench’s new ultimate

Nothing can escape Urgot's grasp.

Image via Riot Games

Tahm Kench’s recent rework in League of Legends shifted his famous Devour ability to his ultimate. But some of the interactions it now has with other champions and their abilities are a little whacky.

In a clip posted to Reddit today, an Urgot player attempted to one-vs-two the opposing Darius and Tahm Kench for as long as they could, hoping to utilize the execute associated with his ultimate. But when the Tahm Kench used his new ultimate on the Urgot—right after the Urgot player had activated the first part of their ultimate on the Darius—a strange interaction occurred.

Tahm Kench’s new ultimate is his former W ability, now doing more damage to spit out enemies and granting spit-out allies a large shield. When he went to eat the Urgot, the Tahm Kench player likely thought it would suppress his ultimate ability and prevent his teammate Darius from being executed. But Urgot’s chains could not be held back by the bottomless stomach of the River King, instead ripping out of Tahm Kench’s model and bringing the Darius in for his imminent execution.

This isn’t the only strange interaction that now occurs with Tahm Kench’s new ultimate. Various other clips posted around the internet have showcased champions that normally remain stationary when using their ultimates being able to move around while being devoured by Tahm Kench. Even Sylas has struggled to fully grasp this new ultimate ability, as he now struggles to maintain the River King’s form when stealing the ability to Devour.

Players can experiment with the slightly-reworked Tahm Kench on League’s live servers, with various other bizarre interactions likely yet to be discovered.

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