League of Legends: Wild Rift release new round of skins

"Snow, swords, shurikens, and a star."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends mobile experience Wild Rift adds to their mammoth amount of skins brought into the game since the expansion of its closed beta testing, adding five more popular skins from League.

In this release, players will gain access to Arctic Ops Varus, a skin that will see the champion don a new outfit to suit the cold environment. Soaring Sword Fiora, giving Fiora a completely unique look with an entirely new appearance. Sacred Sword Janna a skin to complement Fiora’s new addition coming from the same range skins. Death Sworn Zed, one of the champion’s most popular skins completely remodeling his armor filled with a transparent blue spirit. And finally, Dark Star Jarvan IV, moving away from the traditional warrior appearance in favor of space-related attire.

Earlier this month, the team at Riot showcased over 20 new skins that were added to the game to partner the game’s release in South Korea and Japan.

While Wild Rift does differ from League of Legends, visually and gameplay-wise, the team has continued to add a slew of popular skins from the PC title for players to utilize within the game. While available in some regions, players who are not currently in the closed beta will have to sign up and wait until it becomes as the beta expands over time.