March 2022 League Prime Gaming capsule now available

Start the month with free League loot.

Dynasty Ahri in League of Legends
Image via Riot Games.

It’s a new month and that means League of Legends fans can score themselves a ton of new loot thanks to Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming subscribers can redeem their March capsule right now which includes RP, a new permanent League of Legends skin, champions shards, and more.

The rewards are 650 RP, a single permanent skin worth 1350 RP, 200 Orange Essence, 5 Champion Shards, 2 Series 1 Eternals Shards, and a 30 Day XP Boost. With this loot, you can bolster your collection on all fronts, be it new champions, new skins, or just by leveling hard with a month-long XP Boost.

This promotion is only available to those who are Prime Gaming subscribers. If you are a member of the Amazon subscription service then simply navigate to the rewards page, link your Riot Games and press “Claim Now.”

March’s rewards continue the collaboration between the two companies. Make sure you claim this reward and keep your eyes peeled for more goodies each month this year.