League of Legends players create zoo within Baron pit featuring jungle monsters

Check out the wildlife on the Rift.

Image via Riot Games

The Baron pit is usually quite a dangerous place to be during a game of League, especially when you’re surrounded by enemy players. But in one match, both teams came together to create the very first Baron Zoo, now open to the public.

In a highlight clip, League players called a truce to gather all the jungle creeps available, placing them into the Baron pit alongside Baron Nashor, then sealing them in with Anivia’s Crystalize.

Two Blue Sentinels, two Red Brambleback, Rift Scutler, Gromp, Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs were eventually collected. The clip doesn’t spefically show it, but they seemed to be relocated to the Baron pit courtesy of Syndra and her ability to pick up jungle camps.

To get these all together must have taken some time and a lot of Ice Walls from Anivia to ensure they remain caged.

The players all attempted to hop into the pit for a group photo. But alliances rarely last in League, and it wound up being a mess of attacks as the buffs were eliminated, while each player attempted to be the last one standing.

The blue team ultimately won out in the team fight, and was able to defend their base from the red team’s Aatrox who had been pushing the base while the team was admiring the wildlife. The outcome of this match really doesn’t matter though, as its highlight will always be the first League of Legends zoo.

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