League of Legends player respawns and instantly dies to long-range Ziggs ultimate in fountain

"This'll be a blast."

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player recently had no time to get back into the game after respawning because they were killed by a long-range ability upon immediately returning to the battle. 

In a League clip posted on Reddit today, a Caitlyn player had respawned looking to join a late-game teamfight in defense of their base. But when a Mega Inferno Bomb (R) from an enemy Ziggs player standing practically three full screens away came raining down on their fountain, the Caitlyn player was thrown back into black-and-white mode immediately after coming back to life. 

Standing on the stairs leading into the enemy team’s base, the Ziggs player unleashed a Mega Inferno Bomb (R) straight into his opponents’ fountain, erasing about 90 percent of the Caitlyn player’s health pool in one fell swoop. The damage was amplified even further because the Caitlyn player had spawned right in the center of the ability’s radius. Ziggs’ ultimate deals 50 percent more damage to targets that stand in the center of the ability’s hitbox. 

And while the Mega Inferno Bomb wasn’t enough by itself to secure the kill on the Caitlyn player, the long-range proc of Arcane Comet from halfway across the map was enough to deal the killing blow on the freshly-respawned Caitlyn player. 

The ultimate from Ziggs was timed perfectly in the sense that they used the ability a few seconds before the enemy Caitlyn player respawned. And by the time the bomb landed in the other team’s fountain, the respawning Caitlyn had no time to react between their respawning animation and whatever move they were planning to use to counteract the ability. 

Both Heal and Flash were available to use for the Caitlyn player during the play, so when Ziggs tried the exact same play exactly 56 seconds later, the Caitlyn player was ready to use everything they had to dodge the extreme incoming damage. But Flash wasn’t enough and the immensely strong Ziggs player had enough damage to keep Caitlyn down and out of the game once again.

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