League of Legends player has epic duel against Gromp as Yone

You can't knock the determination.

Image via Riot Games

One of the better duelists in the game, Yone had an unlikely foe in a highlight clip where the champion went toe to toe in an epic contest against none other than Gromp.

At level six Yone confidently engaged the jungle-dwelling creatures with only a small amount of health. Yet this would prove to be a much more difficult challenge than initially expected.

The Yone player attempted to kite around the Gromp landing plenty of damage. The attacks coming back his way were too much, however, with the champion forced to retreat into the bushes, in turn resetting Gromp’s health.

After attempting a recall Yone chose to stay for round two, this time with a fully recovered Gromp and even less health than before. With a handy Smite and a combination of abilities, Yone was back in the fight, and it looked to be swinging in his favor. Yone dealt one final blow with his ultimate followed by a pair of basic attacks to take down Gromp, but Gromp’s last attacks had dealt enough damage also, with the pair both perishing at the end of the cinematic-like clip.

While the player might not be the best Yone around, the determination to secure the jungle camp led to an extremely entertaining clip.

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