League of Legends player experiences glitch that causes both teams to continuously burn in Nexus Blitz

That's not supposed to happen.

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Image via Riot Games

Nexus Blitz is a fast-paced game mode that many League of Legends fans enjoy as an alternative to traditional gameplay. The mode features random events, such as URF Deathmatch, which allows both teams to fight in a best-of-three round match while they attempt to eliminate the other team.

But one player recently experienced a bug that caused both teams to burn after the match was over. 

A League player uploaded a short clip of the final fight between two players during a URF Deathmatch event last night. Normally, only the losing team will burn after the event, which can help teams easily win. But both players killed each other at the same time and caused both teams to continue to burn after the event ended. 

Both teams took damage after respawning and neither squad could make it to the enemy Nexus before dying. By the end of the match, all players were dying in a few seconds and simply stayed in their spawn. 

Other players explained that they’ve seen similar glitches in other Nexus Blitz events, like King of the Hill. This usually results in one squad winning by chance, though. 

Despite this minor bug, many players are having fun in the limited-time mode. Players can enjoy Nexus Blitz until Jan. 11 when the Battle Queens 2020 event ends.

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