League of Legends LED and RGB keyboard integration updated by a developer

The lights change depending on your actions and status in the game.

Image via Riot Games

Two weeks ago, a developer and League of Legends fan developed software to integrate the game’s animations on LED strips and RGB keyboards, such as the Razer Chroma. And yesterday, they released Version 0.4 of the software.

The fan did tremendous work to code the animations of several champions from League, as well as animations related to the player’s health bar, the game, and other features.

RGB keyboards, which include backlit keys that can be customized to follow a variety of patterns, are popular in the gaming industry, even for laptops. For those who improved their setup with LED strips, this free software can also be used.

In the game, the keyboard darkens from the right when the player loses health, for example. It also flashes when you’re getting low on mana and lightens to imitate the direction of certain champions’ abilities.

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Version 0.4 added animations for Udyr, Ezreal, Xerath, and Twisted Fate, as well as for the Eye of the Herald and Redemption. Two bugs were also fixed. The next improvements for the software will be aimed at adding champions and compatible devices.

In two weeks of work, the developer added animations for several champions, items, and player statuses. It can be downloaded here, with the source code available for coding enthusiasts and the list of every change made.