League of Legends items could be coming to Twitch Prime subscribers

Don't forget to renew your Twitch Prime subscriptions.

Image via Riot Games

Twitch Prime subscribers, rejoice—some free League of Legends goodies may be headed to you soon.

Riot Games added a new loot item to its PBE client earlier today, and it’s called the “Summoner’s Crown Capsule.” The item is a silver, purple, and blue-colored capsule, with little Twitch Prime crowns encased within it. According to Surrender at 20, the Summoner’s Crown Capsule contains “a random Legendary-tier skin shard. No key required.” The Summoner’s Crown Capsule is reportedly set to be available only to those subscribed to the Twitch Prime service.

Image via Riot Games

Legendary-tier skin shards can be used for a few purposes. Players can make the skin shard into a permanent skin for their collection by spending 1,520 orange essence. If players don’t want to make their skin shard a permanent piece of their collection, they can disenchant the item into 364 orange essence. Players can also combine three skin shards into a random permanent skin shard, which can be added to your collection for free unless you don’t have the champion associated with that skin.

If the Summoner’s Crown Capsule becomes available to the general public, it’ll be the first piece of League of Legends content released through Twitch Prime. Previously, other popular esports titles, such as Blizzard’s Overwatch and Hearthstone, have released exclusive items bundled in Twitch Prime’s monthly rewards.

The release date for the Summoner’s Crown Capsule is unknown at this time. The earliest it could possibly be released is at the start of November when Twitch Prime rolls out that month’s loot for their users.