League of Legends is the most-played game at Korean PC bangs

League remains one of the most popular games in Korea.

Image via Riot Games

Many people in the esports industry know that League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, especially in South Korea. In fact, League has been the most-played game at PC bangs (LAN gaming centers) in the country with a 50-percent play rate.

Korea has always been at the forefront of the competitive League scene since players from the region started competing in season one and two. In fact, international events have been won by Korea multiple times. Last year marked the first time that Korea failed to win every international event it sent representatives to.

League’s play rate at PC bangs was also likely boosted by the recent 10-year anniversary events, which added a number of new prizes and incentives to play. Teamfight Tactics has become a huge part of the League player experience, too, and it’s probably contributing to the skyrocketing play rate.

Fifty percent is an absurd number for a game’s play rate at PC bangs, especially if you compare it to the other titles that have been recorded. The second-most played game at PC bangs is far behind League with a 9.23 percent play rate.

With more changes happening to League this offseason and exciting champions joining Summoner’s Rift and TFT boards, it wouldn’t be surprising if the play rate in Korea jumps even higher while Riot continues to innovate and bring in more content for its fans to enjoy.