Flame heads to China, joins LGD Gaming

Another legendary Korean League of Legends pro will cross the East China Sea

Photo via Riot Games

Another legendary Korean League of Legends pro will cross the East China Sea. Lee “Flame” Ho-Jong, former top laner for CJ Blaze, will now join LGD Gaming in China for a contract that’s reportedly worth over half a million dollars.

The allure of huge salaries and lucrative steaming contracts in China, an order of magnitude higher than what Korea can offer, has attracted world championship winners and legends of the game in recent months. More than 20 players have made the voyage to the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai, and there could be more to come.

Before joining LGD, Lee allegedly received offers worth around $1 million from Stand Point Gaming, but declined as SPG wasn’t participating in the LoL Pro League. Lee also reportedly received offers from Team Snake, World Elite and Invictus Gaming.

Lee played top lane for CJ Blaze since October, 2012 until he announced his departure earlier this month. With Blaze, Flame competed in multiple OGN seasons, most notably taking second in the Spring 2013 season. Widely considered to be the best player not to win an OGN Champions tournament, Lee is set to make his mark in Shanghai—though he’s not the only top laner LGD have picked up this offseason.

The Chinese team also snagged world championship semifinalist and OGN Champions winner Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju earlier this month. LGD has yet to decide which player will participate on the active roster.

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