League of Legends fans craft realistic model of Summoner’s Rift

A lot of effort went in and it turned out great.

Image via Riot Games

A group of League of Legends fans has completed an extremely impressive project to honor the game’s iconic Summoner’s Rift.

The project shared on YouTube was crafted by Korean high school students and has captured all the intricate details of the map with its own unique tabletop gaming style aesthetic. This creation will immediately look familiar to League players of today, and as you’d expect, it took a substantial amount of work.

In this video, the creation process is detailed, showcasing how each unique piece of the map was designed in CAD software before being 3D printed and painted to join the final work.

It wasn’t as simple as printing and placing, though. Many of the parts that make up the rift such as the towers, inhibitors, and Nexus have moving parts along with lighting to give them the most authentic look. They even included sound effects to announce the Rift once the work is connected to power.

Within the Rift, there are also two major creatures Dragon and Baron Nasher, but no other jungle camps were included. Everything in the piece was crafted either through 3D printing or by hand and placed on a massive wood table base that was also made by the group of students.

The final product is one of the most impressive League fan creations to date and something that perfectly encapsulates Summoner’s Rift.

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