League of Legends fan recreates Cho’Gath and other champions with Lego blocks

Step on this and you’ll be the one releasing a Feral Scream.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends fan built several champions from the game using only LEGO pieces. Reddit user God Turtle shared his Digital LEGO Designer creation that sees the Cho’Gath, the Terror of the Void, as a LEGO creature. 

Razor-sharp teeth, menacing pincers, and terrifying claws are just a few of the lethal weapons that Cho’Gath brings to the Rift, and each detail of the 3D model of the champion was meticulously replicated in this LEGO model, including the Void-like color palette with purple and pink.

To build the Void champion, they used 523 Lego blocks, according to the creator. Even though the Cho’Gath model is just digital, each piece was selected and placed one by one. 

Image via God Turtle

God Turtle uploaded the full video for Cho’Gath’s LEGO creation on their YouTube channel, where fans can find other League champions built with LEGO blocks. Among the other creations made by God Turtle, League fans can find Veigar, Rek’Sai, and Thresh. 

Screengrab via God Turtle

Riot Games hasn’t officially collaborated with LEGO yet, so League fans don’t have unique LEGO pieces to choose from when building their champions in blocks. Instead, fans must call upon their creative minds to take pieces from other sets and assemble them into the form of the champion they most favor.  

All League champions on God Turtle’s channel are built on the Digital LEGO Designer tool, and the creator put as much attention to the details of all the Runeterra’s characters as they did to all the other models that can be found on the channel. From Pokémon to Monster Hunter through Gundam, the creations of this LEGO designer will amaze fans from ages 0-99. 

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