League of Legends fan gives Riven’s character model a stunning visual update

This takes fan art to a whole new level.

Image via Riot Games

If Riot Games is searching for a new character artist, the company doesn’t need to look any further.

One League of Legends fan recreated the Exile’s character model so she could fit in better with Summoner’s Rift, posting the astounding finished product on Twitter today. This new version appears to be inspired by Riven’s appearance in the 2019 cinematic, “Awaken.”

“FINALLY calling her done,” the fan said. “This has been a crazy learning experience and I hope you all like her.”

The talented artist ditched Riven’s clunky armor and baggy clothes for a simpler and cleaner look. The top laner’s hair is also brightened to stick out more, while Riven’s current hair-do seems to blend in with the Rift’s darker tones.

To continue an “exile” theme throughout the model, the fan added a chain for a belt and a broken leg-cuff. Riven’s legendary sword got a visual update as well, with the broken pieces fused together by an unseen magical force.

While a new character model for the champion may be overdue, Riven did receive some love in Patch 9.4. To bring the Exile’s attacks and abilities to “current League quality and readability standards,” Riot devs updated the visual effects on all of her abilities.