League of Legends fan creates incredibly detailed Dragon Master Swain cosplay

It took the creator around nine months to complete.

Image via Riot Games

There is plenty of League of Legends cosplay on the internet ,but one champion who often doesn’t get enough love may have got one of the most impressive pieces yet.

In a post to Reddit, cosplayer Makerfishmeal showed off her incredible cosplay of Dragon Master Swain.

The cosplayer put incredible detail into capturing everything Swain’s skin has to offer and executed this perfectly by crafting both the dragon armor and coat to match. According to her Reddit post, everything was made by hand and equipped with LED strips to spice things up.

Every aspect of Swain’s abilities looked to be taken into consideration, like his arm morphing red and his unique headpiece equipped with a jewel in the center. According to the creator, the cosplay took around nine months to completely piece together.

Makerfishmeal’s impressive work has netted her a spot in the top five of Riot’s LCS Summer Finals x State Farm Cosplay contest alongside several other creators’ impressive work at capturing some of the champions within League.

You can check out more of this creator’s work on her Instagram or YouTube channels to see some of how the pieces come together.

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